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OCA Code sprint: registering for workshops

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle
- 27/05/2015 17:10:00
On 26/05/2015 17:15, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
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On 22/05/2015 15:52, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
I also prepared a poll available at
https://framadate.org/rjbsk5erdpdpn7ix  which lists the workshop that we
would like to propose, based on the survey answers. There are 16
workshop topics, feel free to register on which you plan to spend a
significant amount of time (if you stay the full two days, this means
you get 2 or 3 picks). Please answer the poll by next wednesday, as this
will allow us to prepare the room with the correct number of tables ;-)

Reminder: please fill in the poll above, as we really need this
information to ensure a pleasant experience
for everyone. 2 days is short, and we would like to avoid loosing too
much time by having an inadequate
set up on monday morning.

I've used the information to create the following spreadsheet:


2 workshops were cancelled a priori because of a too low interest.

What is left to do (and where is your help needed):

some workshops don't have a chair

The role of the chair is to manage the goal objectives, help the sprinters achieve this goal, and track the achievements. If time allows, the chair may also work on the sprint goals too :-) In the end, we expect the chairs to write a wrap up of the achievements of the sprint which will be used to publish a blog post.

If you would like to fill in this role for a workshop, please put your name in the right spreadsheet cell.

If you plan to attend a workshop please go to the sheet of the workshop, and add your name on the times you plan to attend. There are 4 time slots available, some are striked out because we think the workshop will only be on 1 day. Please fill the times where you want to work on a given topic. Make sure you are consistent and don't sign it for 2 tables at the same time. Check also that you are signing in on a day when the workshop will be up. Each slot has a max number of attendees. Don't overfill the worshops as there's plenty of space and topics.

Thanks for your participation.

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