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Downtime of OCA services on 23/01

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle
- 22/01/2018 16:02:54
Dear members,

The server will be shut down for hardware maintenance
tomorrow Tuesday 23/01 at 11h00 CET.

During the shutdown, the following services will not be available:

* association odoo instance
* runbots (depending on the database running on that server)
* CLA Bot (depending on the odoo instance to check the CLA)

The downtime is scheduled to last for about 1h.

Thank you for your understanding

Alexandre Fayolle
Chef de Projet
Tel : +33 4 58 48 20 30

Camptocamp France SAS
Savoie Technolac, BP 352
73377 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex