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Open Source Summit in Paris

Akretion France, S├ębastien Beau
- 20/10/2016 09:36:15
Hi Member
The 16 and 17 november in Paris there is the Open Source Summit :
It's a two days event that promote OpenSource solution.

The OCA will have a booth there and we need help to promote our association !

Are you interested and available to be at the booth to explain what is OCA and Odoo?
You can be at the booth for half a days, 1 days or 2 as you want, we just need to know.

If your are interested please contact me, you do not need to be available during the whole event, but if you can help us to spread the good odoo word for half a days or 2 days, then you are welcome.

If you are interested to be there as a visitor you can ask a free invitation here :