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Agora Développement, Mounir Belaid
- 22/04/2016 15:06:33
Why should we vote for you? *

Recently we were committed to the OCA community, we created the first Sprint Code in Morroco and we're planning to do more (New Sprint Code, Meet up, etc.). Our ambition is to change the perception of Odoo (and open source solutions in general) in Morroco and North Africa, this perception is negative right now but it's mainly due to the ignorance of the product.

We shared our first work through Github, our work can be found at this link :

Unfortunately, the small ODOO community in Morroco is fragmented and we think that we can unite them through OCA. This association can be a powerful  catalyst for the  Morrocan community.

I had the opportunity 2 months ago to speak in a very know economical newspaper about ODOO and OCA. My interview (in french) can be seen at the link below.

i hope that you will be conviced about our commitment and our capability to promote OCA in Africa

Best Regards

2016-04-13 19:38 GMT+01:00 <>:

Dear OCA Members,

In case you missed it in last week newsletter, you can propose your candidacy to become an OCA Delegate. You have until April 22nd to fill in the form below.

Delegates can vote during the General Assembly.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it in using Google Forms.

2016 OCA Delegates Candidates

Please fill in this form if you want to become an OCA Delegate. You must be a valid OCA Member to run for Delegate.
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