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Re: How to get access to technical settings without using debug mode ?

6it, Jean-Marc Dupont
- 05/11/2015 12:26:41
I do agree with you when we talk about intern Odoo technical settings like automatization, access rights, views, and so on ...
But here, I was talking about functional (technical ?) settings (all little reference tables sometimes useful to be updated)

in v8, the user had access to one functional domain (like HR, Warehouse, ...) and the right to access to "technical" data
Now, it's impossible, the only solution is to use the debug mode

Jean-Marc Dupont

2015-11-05 12:53 GMT+01:00 Jean-Marc Vandel <>:

What do you think of this new behavior in v9 and the answer I got from Odoo support team ?

If a user needs to access some technical functions (for example : Tags, lead/project stages, ... .... ....)  , we should enable the debug mode ???

This is not acceptable ...

  I don't think so. Many of our customers broke their system by modifying those technical feature.
  In general, you should never do your daily work as root (Unix), with elevated privileges (Windows) or in debug mode (Odoo).
  This way, you're more careful when you access those very delicate settings... 

  With all my best regards,

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