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Re: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods

Open Net Sàrl, Jean-Marc Vandel
- 24/10/2015 17:08:07
Hi Jan,

They have an enterprise version of 9 and community version

I compared both, all accounting, periods, fiscal years and many more  is basically hidden in the community version so it makes that version useless.

  I don't see it that way: it's over-simplified but not "useless".
  They removed the fiscal years and periods from both version in favor of a "lock date", which is a great idea even if it is unthinkable by traditional accountants.

So your customers are forced to take the enterprise edition which cost exactly 20 eur per user per month plus a support contract

  No, the community version is usable, and even at this price Odoo Enterprise is a still bargain compared to all similar solutions!
  Basically, they simplified the data structure and put the complexity in the country-specific enterprise-only reports. :-(
  So each Localization Team will have to redo that for the Community version.

And hosting seems to be free at idoo itselves.

  No, it's quite expensive in fact, because you have to pay by modules and not only by users:

The thing is and I checked only finance (for Belgium and Romania) the enterprise version 9 looks fancy but is missing still the same things as in 8

Assets is useless, no PO matching, no costing, in VAT still things are missing, online reporting is missing, intrastate nog usable, etc….

  Most of our clients in V8 use the accounting module, so it's absolutely not "useless".
  It may require some extra modules depending on countries, but that is the job of the Localization Team.

Easlily to fix that but now it gets even more difficult for partners because if you want to host on your own servers or at the customers premises

The cost to get the enterprise remains the same if you host at odoo it selves, but if you do that it gets very difficult to make your customizations and again expensive.

So you have to take that away there and then what? Ask again fees? For something they can get for free? How to explain that to a customer?

  It's wrong: we host a SaaS version at ~40€/user, which is way cheaper than what you get at Odoo.
  Then you have to sell your knowledge of the local rules and specific configuration needed in your country.

Its clear to me odoo wants to get rid of most partners and just keep a few over because the concept of partner got very hollow

In Belgium alone they went from a few hundreds to 30 or so in 2 years I guess less then 10

Why I have to pay odoo partnership fee in this new concept , I have no idea, we already got no leads from them since 4 years, so that concept never worked

  They clearly target very small and very big customers, so we have to take care of the rest! :-)

The only benefit was maybe visibility on the site but also that disappeared

  It's still here at and may be useful if your prospect does its Duty Diligence...

  With all my best regards,

                                              Jean-Marc Vandel
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