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RE: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods

by Jan Vandeweyer <> - 23/10/2015 01:06:24

Hi Jean-Marc



It basically works like this,


They have an enterprise version of 9 and community version

I compared both, all accounting, periods, fiscal years and many more  is basically hidden in the community version so it makes that version useless.


So your customers are forced to take the enterprise edition which cost around 25 eur per user per month plus a support contract
And hosting seems to be free at idoo itselves.


The thing is and I checked only finance (for Belgium and Romania) the enterprise version 9 looks fancy but is missing still the same things as in 8

Assets is useless, no PO matching, no costing, in VAT still things are missing, online reporting is missing, intrastate nog usable, etc….


Easlily to fix that but now it gets even more difficult for partners because if you want to host on your own servers or at the customers premises

The cost to get the enterprise remains the same if you host at odoo it selves, but if you do that it gets very difficult to make your customizations and again expensive.

So you have to take that away there and then what? Ask again fees? For something they can get for free? How to explain that to a customer?


Its clear to me odoo wants to get rid of most partners and just keep a few over because the concept of partner got very hollow

In Belgium alone they went from a few hundreds to 30 or so in 2 years I guess less then 10

Why I have to pay odoo partnership fee in this new concept , I have no idea, we already got no leads from them since 4 years, so that concept never worked


The only benefit was maybe visibility on the site but also that disappeared,


Maybe some other partners or odoo themselves can give me some input what the whole idea is here

But I kind of lost the whole picture here









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Hello everybody,


As the new version of Odoo doesn't include fiscal years and periods anymore, does anyone know the strategy proposed by Odoo ?


Thanks in advance


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