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Re: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods

Open Net Sàrl, Jean-Marc Vandel
- 22/10/2015 08:47:03

To compound the issue, the price for Enterprise v8 goes up fairly soon. I can’t remember the timelines, but it was definitely sooner rather than later.

  There's absolutely no change in pricing planned in the near term, this was confirmed many times recently.
  Stop the FUD please...

  To all those who don't like the new accounting system: you should have complained, as we did, many month ago, when the V9 roadmap was announced.
  Maybe this would have had an impact then...

  Same for MRP: if you're not in Brussels right now, don't complain when V10 is released.

  With all my best regards,

                                              Jean-Marc Vandel
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