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Re: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods

LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 22/10/2015 07:42:14
To compound the issue, the price for Enterprise v8 goes up fairly soon. I can’t remember the timelines, but it was definitely sooner rather than later.

On Oct 22, 2015, at 12:38 AM, Enric Capo <> wrote:

We cannot agree more! After years of making our own modules since version 6.0 ... we are somehow tired of redoing all financial modules for each new version. It's extremely hard to explain possible new customers we cannot  sell them the newest v9 version due to lack of basic finantial modules! They read the news and want the new , brilliant, full featured and exciting v9 version and we, their supplier-to-be look like the bad guys refusing to provide it. No one can believe basic finantial reports and funtionalities are not available and require a lot of effort (read: money!).

Could Odoo stop releasing incomplete new version for a while? Or better still ... could finantial functionalities be done in a consistent and legal basis?

Enric Capo

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Asunto: RE: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods




There are more issues,

Since 2014 there are new vat rules in Europe,

Real Intrastat

Financial discounts and vat


More legal reporting missing,

Local government required certification for accounting we have to redo with each new version after upgrading or own modules


All modules and stuff  probably made multiple times by other partners in the same way just as we did since version 6 and have
to be upgraded with each new release and so which makes it also almost impossible to sell support contracts
Because upgrading becomes very difficult as  these things are missing in the standards.

In version 8 already a lot of accounting disappeared we had to add again  and when I read this looks like 9 is even more difficult to handle in finance.


I would suggest version 10 to wait first a few years and make finance something usable out of the box , so it is also easier to sell support contracts
with much less effort from partnes

Just an advice because after 5 years in odoo its time someone brings this up






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From: Partners [] On Behalf Of Jean-Marc Dupont
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Subject: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods


Hello everybody,


As the new version of Odoo doesn't include fiscal years and periods anymore, does anyone know the strategy proposed by Odoo ?


Thanks in advance


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