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Re: Odoo: Odoo 9 Accouting : Fiscal Years and Periods

Willdoo IT, Jonathan Wilson
- 21/10/2015 21:37:22
Although Australia is not so strict on private company financial reporting standards as in some parts of Europe, I still have to apologise for the lack of decent financial reports in Odoo. However, in V8 the release of the mis_builder by ASCONE (now in OCA repos) has greatly relieved this. So I do hope mis_builder will be upgraded to V9 in the near future (we will be happy to help when we get our first customer operational on V9).

There are many things I like about the V9 accounting although it is a big learning curve and I wonder how Odoo S.A. plan to tackle that with their SaaS customers. With regard to the periods (and I did suggest this to them at the open days), a simple but not comprehensive solution is to 1) be able to store custom report date ranges on the financial reports (like they have done for pre-defined "This month", "Last Month"... on the drop-downs), or 2) predefined these dates external to the reports, i.e. define the financial periods as in V8 and make them available as selections on the financial reports.

Like Kevin, I can see what looks like a financial date on the invoice model but it is not exposed on the invoice view. However there is only one date on the account move line so I am assuming this is the financial date that is transferred to the account move line? However, account move lines do not have a date entered field so this is a problem.


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There are more issues,

Since 2014 there are new vat rules in Europe,

Real Intrastat

Financial discounts and vat


More legal reporting missing,

Local government required certification for accounting we have to redo with each new version after upgrading or own modules


All modules and stuff  probably made multiple times by other partners in the same way just as we did since version 6 and have
to be upgraded with each new release and so which makes it also almost impossible to sell support contracts
Because upgrading becomes very difficult as  these things are missing in the standards.

In version 8 already a lot of accounting disappeared we had to add again  and when I read this looks like 9 is even more difficult to handle in finance.


I would suggest version 10 to wait first a few years and make finance something usable out of the box , so it is also easier to sell support contracts
with much less effort from partnes

Just an advice because after 5 years in odoo its time someone brings this up






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Hello everybody,


As the new version of Odoo doesn't include fiscal years and periods anymore, does anyone know the strategy proposed by Odoo ?


Thanks in advance


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