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Re: OCA Newsletter: October release

Savoir-faire Linux, Maxime Chambreuil
- 09/10/2015 14:59:43
Hello Jay,

There is a lot of stuff in your link. Let's add the section to highlight modules in the november release.


Maxime Chambreuil
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----- Le 8 Oct 15, à 4:23, vora jay <> a écrit :

Wish to add a few things:

Can we add a section like:
#OCA Modules added this month

SerpentCS always adds a bunch of tips every month via a blog,I am sure lot many things can be taken from here.

On Social media, We will make it viral for sure.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 10:38 PM, Maxime Chambreuil <> wrote:
Dear members and contributors,

We are about to publish the first release of our monthly newsletter. You can find it here :

I am solliciting your help for 2 things:
  1. To proofread it and fix any typos. If you have any illustrations to suggest, please let me know. I can still spend few minutes to improve it (longer time-consuming improvements will be kept for november).
  2. To spread the link to this news in your social and professional networks and different channels to have the largest impact
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