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Re: "Bundle product" module in odoo v8

6it, Jean-Marc Dupont
- 07/09/2015 15:41:20

The only limitation is that we need to not activate the "generate invoices based on delivery orders" option, otherwise odoo will generate invoices with original products (and their price) instead of bundle product, which often has a different price

Le 7 sept. 2015 15:52, "Gregory Mader" <> a écrit :
HI all,

Yes, this sounds like BOM that is using "SETS". 

Are we missing something?



On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 11:08 PM, Jean-Marc Dupont <> wrote:

Hi everybody,

Has anyone migrated or developed the equivalent of the "Bundle product" module that currently exists in v7
The need is to define a set of products sold as a product with a price, ...
When the product is sold, it creates warehouse moves for the products contained in the set.
The bundle product should also be seen in the e-commerce module as a normal product, with all its e-commerce properties (description, alternative products, ...).

Thanks in advance for your answers


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