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Re: [V8][PORT] margin-analysis (product_get_cost_field / product_standard_margin)

Numérigraphe, Lionel Sausin
- 23/07/2015 08:45:50
Le 23/07/2015 09:53, Sylvain LE GAL a écrit :
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Thanks for your answers,

I have a question about the main "cost" field. in Odoo, the field used is standard_price (= "Cost Price"), in OCA, the field used is "cost_price" (="Replenishment Cost"), field.function based on standard_price).

@FR : what is the exact translation of Replenishment ?
@Alexandre, @Other : If I understand correctly "cost_price" was introduced to manage correctly cost price in BoM case, and other special case. Is this module necessary in v8 ?
The matter is still a bit fuzzy for me and I think not everyone agrees inside OCA, and I'm not even sure everyone is aware that they don't agree.
Here's what I gathered :
- Odoo has a field named "cost price" which is used for inventory valuation.
     * At first I thought it was misnamed ( but Graeme Gellatly proved me wrong
- OCA has a field named "Replenishment cost" which, if I understand correctly, is not supposed to be used directly in accounting but rather as a tool for the management to supervise the profitability of the company product by product.
    * FR: I'd translate to "Prix de réappro."

It may or may not be a good practice to distinguish between the two. I've read from reputable sources that both should be the same, but real-world sources (company managers) say it's important for them to segregate the two. has a bit of discussion on this topic, please read it before you move ahead.


If we keep a distinct
"Replenishment cost" as a management tool, it should be configurable and modular, so every company can cherry-pick what it needs.
So from a technical point of view, if you're going to port/rewrite it, can you please structure it as suite of plugins that we can easily extend ?
I'm thinking of a structure like the one I set up for the stock available to promise here :