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Stock - Change Picking (packing_product_change)

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 19/06/2015 08:41:39
hi all,

I was looking for a community module that gives the possibility to users to change products in a picking.
Thanks to odoo-code-search, I found a 6.1 module "packing_product_change" that does the work. (made by Joel and Guewen).

I would like to include it into OCA / stock-logistic-workflow repository, port it in V7 (and in V8 in september), and add functionnalities :
* possibility to realize this action for many pickings;
* possibility to remove a product for many pickings too (i.e : "replace product by nothing", if the product is out of stock and will not be delivered)

Are there others modules I missed ? 

Any people interested by this kind of functionnalities or to review this features ?

Kind regards.

Sylvain LE GAL
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