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Re: Licence Change of OCA Modules

Numérigraphe, Lionel Sausin
- 05/03/2015 08:00:12
Le 04/03/2015 16:00, Sylvain LE GAL a écrit :
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I consider that the licence change is an important decision, I would like to propose to add in the OCA bylaws the following rule :
"The decision to change licences of OCA Modules must be only done in general assembly and validated by X% of the members", X must be something like 2/3. (or something similar, written in correct english) ;-)
The bylaws states "[One of] The functions of the Board [is] to administer the assets of the Association", so I guess currently the board can change the license as it sees fit.
It would be fair to force the board to at least inform, possibly consult members before such a change.
But we do want the board to be able to take decisions.

I also doubt a formal vote is really needed, because we do agree on the principle of relicensing, don't we? It's in the CLA already.

Setting a license in the bylaws seems unpractical. It would force a vote before relicensing, yes, but:
- only a vote by delegate members, not all members (there is no general assembly in OCA)
- it would force us to relicense some contributions before we accept them, for no reason.

So maybe we should just impose :
- a direct communication to every member long before relicensing (ie. 3 month)
- during this delay before the relicensing is effective, discussions can happen and the board can change it's mind
- MAYBE, let a quorum (ie. >50% of members) veto the decision if they express their disagreement in the delay - I'm not sure how practical that is.