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Re: Licence Change of OCA Modules

Alberto Barrionuevo
- 04/03/2015 17:45:58
Or, thanks to CLA, impose an automatic AGPL3 double license to the 
original one maintaining both on the code.

When said AGPL3 it actually should be "the OCA official one" at that date.


On 04/03/15 18:22, Leonardo Pistone wrote:
>  From the same statement, incompatible or non-free contributions are
> not accepted. It is much easier than going through a license-change,
> which, even with a CLA, can be a tricky process.
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 5:40 PM, Alberto Barrionuevo <> wrote:
>> If contributors sign a CLA that allow OCA to change the licenses, there
>> is no problem on accepting source with any license, including non-free ones.
>> On the contrary, legal incompatibilities may arise between OCA modules.
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