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Licence Change of OCA Modules

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 04/03/2015 14:46:05
Hi All,

The last months, community members talked a lot about licences, due to the change of licence of Odoo SA from AGPL to LGPL.

I so thought about the possibility to change the licence of OCA modules. In the time being :
- Contributors sign a CLA that allow OCA to change the licences;
- OCA allows OSI licences. (AGPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, ...) ;
- In fact, all modules are under AGPL licence; (see below) ;

I consider that the licence change is an important decision, I would like to propose to add in the OCA bylaws the following rule :
"The decision to change licences of OCA Modules must be only done in general assembly and validated by X% of the members", X must be something like 2/3. (or something similar, written in correct english) ;-)

What do you think about that proposition ?

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards.

'licence' value
(in __openerp__ file)
Unported Modules Ported Modules
AGPL-3 189 172
AGPL v3 12
GPL-3 2 4
GPL-2 or any later version 4
GPL-3 or any later version 9 4
Undefined 24 36

Total 240 216

Ratio Ported Module / Total

Analyse of all OCA modules presents in Github, based on default branch (usually '8.0), realized 2 weeks ago.

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