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Re: Odoo days

Adhoc S.A.
- 03/03/2015 10:19:38
+1 for the idea
+1 for "Community inside"

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2015-03-03 4:07 GMT-03:00 Sebastien Beau <>:
Hi Community,

Odoo days are coming and we plan to make some goodies for this event (T-shirt, mug and stickers). You will able to buy it if you are interested. We are looking for a catch phrase that will be printed on it. As our member are plenty of good idea do you have some proposition?

Here are some idea : 

OCA : "The open source builder"

OCA : "May the Open Source be with you."

OCA : "Community inside"

OCA : "We want to change the world and we have the code source"


Sébastien BEAU
OCA board member

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