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Re: OCA's statement on the announced change of license of Odoo

Libre IT, Eric Vernichon.
- 06/02/2015 12:42:30

Le 6 février 2015 à 13:22:56, StéphaneWirtel ( a écrit:

On 6 Feb 2015, at 10:52, Wouter Tebbens wrote:

> I still think the AGPL is the best license for this type of software,  
> if
> the objective is to protect the community from intents to closing it.
> LGPL in this sense is a much weaker protection, and is precisely  
> chosen
> for that reason: to allow CMS developers to keep their code private,
> even while they're benefitting from the whole Odoo ecosystem.
> Apart from the disadvantage - im my eyes - to encourage such private,
> closed modules, there is the risk that at any point Odoo S.A. maybe
> inclined to continue their development closed source. Now of course I
> don't say they will, but we must keep this scenario in mind,  
> especially
> as venture capital has taken a growing part of the company. And Odoo  
> is
> becoming a bigger and better brand name in the ERP/Apps marketplace.
> For keeping a healthy ecosystem I think the LGPL move doesn't help,  
> but
> maybe there are people who could convince me from that (?)
> my 2 cts,
I will be honest with you, I don't like the LGPL in this case. Just  
there is no requirements to publish the source code of a project.

You are Open Source or not, it's in your mind. With the LGPL, the core  
of Odoo will stay LGPL or (?)GPL (in function of the selected license  

But now, a company can create a closed source of their projects/modules  
without any contribution to the community.

In brief, Great for the project (odoo), but IMO, bad for the community.

My 2 cts.

I don’t know if I understand completely, but I understand like you Stephane and  I completely agree with you



Eric Vernichon
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