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Re: OCA's statement on the announced change of license of Odoo

Camptocamp SA, Luc Maurer
- 06/02/2015 10:40:14
Hello Everybody,

Many thanks for your comments and your encouragements. All the OCA Board have worked a lot these last months and weeks to protect the Open Source ecosystem on Odoo. And you can trust me, it was not easy everyday, we have taken lot of time and energy for that.

Regarding the choice of the license, my personal opinion, as Camptocamp's owner, is that OCA should recommend to use the AGPL but not make it mandatory for every modules.

The real choice of the license (between LGPL and AGPL) should be done by the project team (contributors). Sometime it could be fine to have a LGPL module. Perhaps the team would like to be able to install it with a Private Module (which can not be able if the module is on AGPL).

And personally I really prefer to have a LGPL module than a close source module ;-)

But the team which make the LGPL module should be aware of all risks.

Camptocamp will certainly organize a presentation of the different licenses on the next Odoo days, because we have seen that it is very complex and not everybody understand it !

And don't forget! The bigger and the better the OCA will be, the stronger and the more influent it will become. Please convince all Odoo users to become an OCA member =>



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On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 10:51 AM, Wouter Tebbens <> wrote:
I still think the AGPL is the best license for this type of software, if
the objective is to protect the community from intents to closing it.
LGPL in this sense is a much weaker protection, and is precisely chosen
for that reason: to allow CMS developers to keep their code private,
even while they're benefitting from the whole Odoo ecosystem.

Apart from the disadvantage - im my eyes - to encourage such private,
closed modules, there is the risk that at any point Odoo S.A. maybe
inclined to continue their development closed source. Now of course I
don't say they will, but we must keep this scenario in mind, especially
as venture capital has taken a growing part of the company. And Odoo is
becoming a bigger and better brand name in the ERP/Apps marketplace.

For keeping a healthy ecosystem I think the LGPL move doesn't help, but
maybe there are people who could convince me from that (?)

my 2 cts,

Wouter Tebbens

On 02/05/2015 11:44 PM, Jean-Sébastien Suzanne wrote:
> 2015-02-05 21:27 GMT+01:00 cubells <
> <>>:
>     El 05/02/15 a les 19:57, david ha escrit:
>     > Dear OCA members,
>     >
>     > As a regular contributor on OCA modules, I don't see any advantage to
>     > move to LGPL
>     > for my new modules contributions.
>     > I think AGPL will protect our hard daily work by its contamination
>     > property over other licenses.
>     >
>     > I'm ok to sign a personal commitment (know by the whole community and
>     > displayed as it)
>     > to go on to contribute with AGPL license only.
>     >
>     > Could we constitute a large members list of contributors with the same
>     > engagement ?
>     >
>     > What do you think of it ?
>     >
>     I totally agree with you.
> +1 
>     AGPL is perfect for me.
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>     Atentament, cubells.
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