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Re: OCA's statement on the announced change of license of Odoo

Antonio M. Vigliotti
- 05/02/2015 15:49:07
When a user look at a new module,  can easily see what kind of license (AGPL or LGPL) is applied?
LGPL is a good license, too. However, every user have to know the license is applying.

Antonio Maria Vigliotti

Il 05/02/2015 16:30, Alexandre Fayolle ha scritto:
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Dear OCA members,

This mailing list has not been very active so far, but I think this is a
good time to start a discussion with all OCA members.

Today Odoo s.a. announced on it's blog its intention to change the
license of Odoo from AGPLv3 to LGPLv3.

for the full text of the announce.

The OCA was consulted, and our statement on that decision was published
on our blog:

If you have any question, please ask them on this list, and we will do
our best to answer them.

Alexandre Fayolle
OCA Board

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