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MRP BoM "upgrade products" - negative BoM line quantity

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 20/01/2021 21:21:45
Hi all

I have the following use case:

- Our client sells products as a "Kit", eg. "ACME 1000 kit". This is a 
product in Odoo with BoM of the actual "ACME 1000" device, together with 
some supporting items eg. ACME kit installation manual, ACME kit spare 
parts, ACME kit installation at customer site. On fulfilment of the sale 
order all these products are sent out together.

- Their client calls and doesnt want the ACME 1000, but the ACME 2000 
XL, but with the same supporting items. They order as a purchase order 
with two lines: "ACME 1000 kit", "Upgrade to ACME 2000 XL".

Now that second product "Upgrade to ACME 2000 XL" should contain a BoM 
of "+1 ACME 2000 XL, -1 ACME 1000", so that the net result is that the 
kit is the same, but with one machine swapped for the upgraded one. 
However I cannot define negative amount on a BoM line.

Does anyone know of a way / a module that is able to configure this?


PS. They want it this way so that the sale order lines and invoice lines 
match the customer's purchase order.