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[11891] Product Configurator

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 01/11/2016 08:28:33
Dear German Odoo Community, 

i don't want to spent too much words on the matter but some of you may
have certainly recognized that Romanian placed Paul Catinean, CEO of
Pledra has held a talk during this years Odoo Experience on his Odoo
product configurator module. The product configurator he has build with
his company is not only a well done piece of software but a long needed
feature of an contemporary ERP, that even SAP cannot cover out of the

He and his team spent more than 2000 hours on development effort on that
and i do not see a reason to reinvent the wheel. For every company that
works with mass customization this tool is of utmost importance. Putting
all possible variants in the database is the "dumbest" idea one can take
(it doesn't scale at all with even small amounts of potential
configurations). So the dynamism Paul and his team built into the tool
really makes the trick. I am sure that especially the customers of the
German community (actual as well as future ones) really demand such a
tool. That's why we of initOS backed that solution by buying the largest
available perl in a final attempt of Paul to recollect the initial
development effort and open source it under the AGPL (which is
absolutely reasonable for me, since he already took the risk of
developing it in the first place).

I honestly think that every German partner (of course others as well)
should seriously consider following us in an attempt to free that work.
We would all benefit from that and there will be no further attempt by
Paul. Each an everybody who considers buying a perk may watch the videos
and ask me for details (since i have attended the presentation during
Odoo Experience)

I count on you.

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