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Re: Invalid field : Vector layers

Devendra Kavthekar
- 09/11/2017 19:27:23
Hi Clément Rivière,

I remember this problem back when I used to work with it.

The problem is the field you are talking about is set as required field and it is hidden in the normal views that are not geoengine views. So when you go to edit something it will give the error you talked about.

A work around could be to simply unhide the field through browser (like using inspect element) and adding some dummy value in it. Try doing this.

Thank you.

Devendra Kavthekar
+91 88499 30873

On Nov 9, 2017 9:02 PM, "Clément Rivière" <> wrote:


I've got a really problematic issue with GeoEngine with Odoo 9 : when I try to save a modification on an Odoo view (even if it's not related with GeoEngine), a red popup tell me : 'Invalid field : Vector layers'. But there only in GeoEngine module that I can see this idea of 'vector layers'. So I don't know if that's a common issue or not, but I hope you will be able to help me.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Clément Rivière

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