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Yandex maps

by Евгений <> - 26/01/2017 08:46:09
I am currently studying Odoo (8.0), trying to execute the system setup for the realization of my start-up: the provision of the IT-system in the cloud companies that carry out the delivery of clean potable water (before it was my main type of business).
I installed the modules developed by you (such as Auto Geocoding of partners). Out of the box everything works fine, but for the realization of the planned I need addition.
In particular, you need to construct the optimal route in the processing of orders. Import companies from the map (of locations)...
In this connection, I want to clarify: Is it possible to connect to using Yandex maps (
Geocoding, raster layer, mapping partners and orders, search companies ...
Thank you!

Best regards, Evgeny.


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    Re: Yandex maps

    Camptocamp SA, Yannick Vaucher
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