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Louvain-la-Neuve Code Sprint (2016-10-03 - 2016-10-04)

Tecnativa. S. L., Rafael Blasco
- 17/09/2016 08:57:45

Hi all delegates,


I know from Pedro that Board is working in the Code Sprint for the next month.


I would like to talk here about something that Odoo must fix but we too.


One of my customers (German capital) has more than 100 delegations around the world. They have done the yearly assembly where all the Managers meet with their counterparts. Two of the questions that the managers of my customer has done is:


-          Which ERP do you use?

-          Do you know Odoo?


And answers (my customer is worry on this) were:


-          90% Navision, 9% SAP, 1% Odoo (only my customer)

-          No, what’s Odoo?


One of the most important reasons of Navision 90% is de Microsoft dependency, especially with Outlook mail client. Microsoft partners sale Commercially the Navision-Dynamic-Office365 pack.


My question is what do you think about this? Do you have similar situations?


My proposal will depends in your opinions.