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Re: OCA Board Members Election

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 22/05/2015 14:00:41
Hi all,

In the heliosvoting url I received to vote, I do not see any descriptions that candidates had to write. Is it technically possible to add it ? Or to have access to a summary in a simple online doc ?

I know most of the candidates but I didn't know some new people.

(Maybe there is some docs, but it seems I missed some e-mail to @delegate from OCA recently).

Kind regards & See you in two weeks !

Sylvain LE GAL
Service informatique
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2015-05-11 3:00 GMT+02:00 Maxime Chambreuil <>:
Dear OCA Delegates,

First I would like to welcome and congratulate our 10 new OCA Delegates!

The Annual General Assembly will start on May 18th, 2015 so it is important for those of you who want to become an OCA Board Member to fill in this form before May 17th, 2015.

I would also like to remind you that you need to have a valid 2015 membership to participate to the vote, which means that your renewal invoice must be paid before May 17th, 2015.

Have a great week.

Maxime Chambreuil
+1 (514) 276-5468 #126

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