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Re: OCA Board Members Election

Opener B.V., Stefan Rijnhart
- 15/05/2015 10:34:04
Thanks for your kind support.

For the record, I did not intended this message to go out to all the delegates. I forwarded a message from the delegates list to the board, but apparently it still contained some reference header that made Odoo mail handling redistribute it to the delegates list. Not that the information was particularly sensitive, but I consider this a private decision that I just wanted to inform my dear colleagues from the current board about.

Best regards,

On 15-05-15 12:11, Sylvain LE GAL wrote:
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2015-05-15 8:46 GMT+02:00 Sebastien Beau <>:

Hi Stefan,

(I will be short, I am on my phone in holiday and my computer just die Wednesday. So real holiday ;) )

I know that we are all busy and it's hard to have a lot of time for the board and I hope that this year I will have more time (I had a hard year working most of my weekend, but my team is growing so I can start to delegate then more). For me, I don't think you didn't work enough and I think the next board will appreciated to have you one year more.
Due to the current situation with Odoo we really need a person like you, that really believe in OpenSource!
Moreover Therp is a really good piece of the community and having one person of Therp is important in my opinion.

In anycase I will not force you to be back in the board. But I hope that you will rethink your position and change your mind. I really have appreciate to have you in the board.

Thanks a lot Stefan for everything

Le jeudi 14 mai 2015, Stefan <> a écrit :

Hi board,

after some consideration I decided not to run for board member again. I felt that I did not spend as much time on the more mundane tasks of the board such as picking up issues and simple maintenance tasks as I should have, while at the same time the job did cost me enough energy to impact my regular contributions (mainly reviews) to the community projects. I also simply enjoy the latter more.

Conclusion: I think I am better suited to do reviews on the community projects and provide some community guidance bottom up as I go along.

Having that said, it was a pleasure working with you guys and I am glad that at least 5 of you are returning (depending on any additional candidates and the outcome of the election, of course). That gives me a lot of faith in the next OCA board. As was this term, the next board term will probably be a difficult period as well, as we are living in troubled times as far as the position of Odoo SA is concerned. I wish you strength!

Please bear in mind that I will be available to support the OCA as best as I can. If there is anything in particular, such as maintenance tasks on the OCA Odoo instance or any other technical task forthcoming from the board's decisions, don't hesitate to ask.


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