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Re: Split OCA website repository into website and website_sale

AlphaPet Ventures GmbH, Markus Schneider
- 25/08/2015 11:56:35

sorry i was on holiday

as maintainer of "website" i should add my opinion as well.

1) OCA/e-commerce we just figure out is obsolete and do not fit very
well [1]
2) moving existing addons should be avoid
3) having the same kind addons in two repository is really bad
4) we face a big problem to get pull request green on travis and runbot,
so to maintain two instance where you run on the same kind of problems
make our live not easy

My sugguestion:
- leave it as it is
- get more people to collect more experience with website modules (and
CI stuff)
- if V9 release we can discuss this again.

Kind Regards



On 20.08.2015 09:52, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli wrote:
> Just to bring a "finality" to this discussion, am I correct in saying
> this is a solution that works for the majority and can be finalized
> * Current website_sale_* modules remain where they are now (most/all
> in OCA/website) with the possibility of moving them for version 9
> * Current PR should be moved and future modules should be proposed in
> OCA/e-commerce
> Seems ok?
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