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Re: Self-merging rule

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 25/08/2015 09:04:58
+1 for not self-merging

I've also been asked to not do it, I've avoided it since then, and think 
it works well.
Merging is a last checkpoint, and should be done by an independent 
There are many people with write access, adding a comment asking for it 
to be merged is not an issue.


Às 13:22 de 23/08/2015, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero escreveu:
> Hi all,
> I faced some days ago a complaint from Stefan Rijnhart about myself 
> merging one of my PRS when the number of approvals was the appropiate. 
> This is an old OCA rule that was applied on old Launchpad times.
> This rule is not even in the current OCA contributing guidelines 
> (, 
> but he insists on bringing this topic to the mailing list.
> I see no special reason to apply again this rule nowadays, because 
> thanks to the merge button, the task doesn't involve any special risk 
> to screw up things. In Launchpad, there was this risk, as the merge 
> implies some manual operations that can lead to a bad merging, but as 
> I said, today this is not a problem.
> What the others think about this rule?
> Regards.
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