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Re: SFTP-based connector

Akretion France, Sébastien Beau
- 15/05/2018 11:09:51
Hi Maxime

We are working on something more generic and more splitted, based on the component module from Camptocamp
I plan to propose to OCA when it will be mature enough

The project is call storage : with a good coverage 96%

You have a based module call storage and them implementation of storage (storage_backend_sftp, storage_backend_s3)

This module provide an abstract method to send a retrieve file on the backend_storage. The main idea is to have a really simple way to send and get file without carring on the way to send.

Then we have extra module that depend on storage_backend and can be used for storing file, image, thumbnail....
I will also propose really soon a module that use the storage_backend for storing the attachment

Acsone already use it, and will contribute a google cloud connector.

If you need more information you can call me ;)

2018-05-14 20:01 GMT+02:00 Maxime Chambreuil <>:

I have to transfer XML files to a remote system through a SFTP server. 

I found these modules:

and also this discussion:

I would like to split my requirement in 2 modules:
  • connector_file that would allow the user to define a SFTP or FTP backend. Other protocols can be added later.
  • connector_** where I would generate my XML files and use the backend to push it to the SFTP server
The result of the discussion above is not clear... Is it okay to push connector_file to connector-interfaces?


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