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RE: Proposing Dorin Hongu as PSC of Romanian Localisation

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 18/11/2017 01:14:33



Been a PSC without any contribution to the OCA?

I understand you are interested in becoming the OCA representative of the Romanian Localisation PSC. As explained on our website, there are a couple conditions we evaluate.

Membership of a Project Steering Committee is based on meritocracy. To be accepted in a Team, start by contributing, by suggesting pull requests (or merge proposals on Launchpad) and reviewing other's work. When significant work has been achieved, you can apply for a team by requesting your membership under the following conditions:

* Must have done at least 10 reviews and prove your motivation
* Must be sponsored by an existing reviewer
* Application is sent by the sponsor to the email address below with links allowing its contributions to be evaluated
* Must be contributing for 3 months
* Application must be approved by Projects Steering Committee

Do you think you fulfill those requirements today?





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Asunto: Re: Proposing Dorin Hongu as PSC of Romanian Localisation


Fekete, what about if you propose him to start making PRs to OCA/l10n-romania and review other PRs for a couple of weeks before? He doesn't need to be PSC for doing that, but what is not fair is to rise to PSC someone that hasn't ever contributed to OCA. I hope you understand.



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Le 16 nov. 2017 07:17, "Mihai FEKETE" <> a écrit :

Dear OCA contributors,


I would like to propose Dorin Hongu, ( ) as PSC member of Romanian Localisation ( ).

His contributions in the last years have been very significant, even that not all the initial project ( ) is ported to OCA.

Dorin will certainly dedicate his time to review/guide new contributions in Romanian Localisation, and I think will help the project to evolve.



Mihai Fekete


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