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Odoo Product Configurator

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 05/01/2017 08:30:34
Hello everyone and a happy prosperous new year!

As you might have noticed the product configurator campaign was a complete success ( ). I would like to thank everyone for their support and making this happen.

Each and every person helping through social media coverage or via financial contribution was paramount to achieving the end result.

I do have to send a special thank you to Init OS though, a great supporter even before the campaign started. Top perk contributor to both campaigns, first contributors in the second campaign and tremendous media coverage and overall support since the very start.

Now that the entire source code is AGPLv3 and shared ( ) I would again like to propose a repository designated for this tool under OCA.

I feel that this subject in itself is a very important piece for Odoo and ERP softwares alike. Check out this article for example made by BDO consulting for example

I've witnessed first-hand dozens of people wanting to dump their ERP system, choose Odoo out of many other ERP platforms or find out about Odoo itself strictly because of this feature.

As such I think it deserves a own repository as the list of features span across many areas and placing fragmented pieces that are very closely tied to eachother is several independent repositories does not seem like an adequate move.

I would also like to take the role of PSC of this repository and steer it into the direction I always intended it. Giving it many more features and offering a strong competition to all other ERP platforms.

Please share your thoughts.