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Odoo Product Configurator campaign

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 13/10/2016 15:02:21
Hello everyone,

A quick follow-up to my talk on 7th October at Odoo Experience. The support and interest in the modules was amazing.

As such I will launch another campaign to opensource the modules.

The budget will be the same as last time (25K).

What's different from the last campaign:

- Added backend configurator to generate products directly on documents in Odoo backend (SO, MO etc). Fully integrated with the website configurator to handle all orders regardless of their origin. Check out the video:
- Fixes
- Automated tests
- Documentation
- BOM generator from configuration
- Migration to version 10

More features for the same budget.

In order to gather better momentum I have considered the following structure:

A flexible campaign instead of fixed one like last time.

With 3 top incremental perks that will have:

- Base/Core module,
- Base + Website or Backend,
- Full package (Base + Website + Backend) 

The campaign can have two outcomes:

1. The campaign reaches the 25K target:

   - Everyone gets the full package AGPLv3 on a public repository with everything specified included.

   - The top contributors get extra benefits such as added as module author/contributor, their logo on our website maybe even priority bugfixes and/or support hours.

2. The campaign does not reach the 25k target:

  - Source code is not released publicly as AGPLv3.
  - Everyone with one of the top 3 perks gets a copy of the respective module(s) included in the perk with the ability to purchase upgrades later on.

  - Everyone with a contribution lower than the top 3 perks gets a refund before the campaign ends.

By selecting the higher perks people will receive value either through open source or getting the modules at a premium price.

This will ensure much better support and they will inadvertently contribute more to the opensource release either way. Thus bundling individual gain with common purpose.

The price of the perks for all the modules will be lower than even the cheapest attempt to build a personal solution like this from scratch. Even with remotely close functionality.

Also I would like to ask the OCA if they will be on board this time as well and provide support through media coverage and host the repository online if everything goes well.

Let me in on your thoughts, your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Paul Catinean