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Re: Sale partial invoicing

- 16/09/2016 18:34:29
On 16/09/2016 21:23, Aarón Henríquez Quintana wrote:

> There is a module for making invoices from some quantity of a purchase
> order line from v7 and v8 (It's not necesary anymore in v9):
> With this module we can create an invoice from a purchase order line
> partially. So later, we can create another invoice of the same purchase
> order line with the quantity left.
> Does anybody knows if a similar module exists for sale order lines? I
> think it does not exist any. In that case I'll create it.

Others on the odoo forum and I are looking for a module that can take 
sales order lines from multiple sales orders and put them into one 
invoice. This is for odoo v8.

Currently it is possible to take some sales order lines from one sales 
order and create one invoice. But it is not possible to create one 
invoice from multiple sales orders.

Are we talking about the same thing?

I hope I am clear.