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Re: Proposal of including Dave Lasley in some PSCs

LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 12/08/2016 16:46:26
Hi Yannick,

I advised Pedro that Connector was part of my core business plans, so he included it on the list. While I do agree that I have only submitted a minor bug fix, this is because the application itself is fairly solid in terms of core & was already upgraded to v9 by the time I knew it existed. We are working on two applications based on connector, and have five more in the works. All are being developed on our Repos currently, but will be brought over to OCA in due time:

On Aug 12, 2016, at 7:08 AM, Yannick Vaucher <> wrote:


about Connector I don't see much contribution, prove me wrong, but github doesn't provide any clue that lasley have done more than moving a menu and asked a question.

Can you give us more clue about it? Did he asked you that he wants to be involved in it? Does he plan to work on that topic? If yes I could agree. But I don't like the idea that people get randomly added to PSC.

Connector is a quite specific part of OCA modules. Lasley has proven that he contributed well to OCA however this would make you and other core contributors member of all PSC. We certainly prefer people focused on few topics than barely active on all of them.


Yannick Vaucher
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On 12 August 2016 at 14:38, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> wrote:
Picking your comments, I have added him in the OCA instance in the PSCs of the proposed repos, except the document maintainers one. Next synchronization will push these changes in GitHub.


2016-08-12 10:53 GMT+02:00 Rafael Blasco <>:



I think @lasley will learn and grow up very fast.




OCA need this kind of contributors.


I agree with Maxime and Laurent, we can exclude from Knowledge by the moment.






De: Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero []
Enviado el: lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016 19:24
Para: Contributors <>
Asunto: Proposal of including Dave Lasley in some PSCs


Hi, I want to propose a good contributor for being part of some of the PSCs of the repositories where he has been working last year:

  • vertical-medical
  • connector
  • report-print-send
  • web
  • website
  • server-tools
  • stock-logistics-workflow
  • carrier-delivery
  • runbot-addons
  • social
  • knowledge

He has already contributed a lot to these repositories, being the main author of the migration to v8 and v9 of vertical-medical for example.

He already has more than 100 OCA PRs (, and more to come (see some of the issues:

All of this makes him to deserve this place in our community.



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