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Re: Odoo Brazil Event/Sprint

Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil
- 07/06/2016 18:32:39
Hello Luis,

We discussed the OCA participation to FISL on July 13th in Porto Alegre. Maybe a code sprint can be organized there first and a second one in August or September in Sao Paulo.

I think the agenda and duration should be driven by the needs of the localization and the size and availability of the local community. What is on the roadmap? How many person can you count on? Do you have work for new as well as experienced contributors?



Le mar. 7 juin 2016 à 12:08, Luis Felipe Miléo <> a écrit :

Last year we arrange a Odoo Brazil Community Event in São Paulo.

We can do it again, associated with a sprint.

KMEE can provide:

- Auditorium for 100 people;
- Sprint for 8~10 developers;
- Coffee break;

When can we schedule? And what would be the duration and the event agenda?

Best regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
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