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2015-11-07 17:53 GMT+01:00 Landis Arnold <>:

+1 for Frederic here as well.

From: Joël Grand-Guillaume <>
Sent: Nov 5, 2015 1:23 AM
To: Contributors
Subject: Propose Accounting OCA Representative

Dear communtiy,

As you may have seen, we're in the process of setuping all our PSCs. One of them, the Accounting PSC still has no OCA representative.

As you may have read here the PSC as a whole is the entity that controls and leads the project. The OCA Representative is the interface between the Board and the Project. OCA Representative have specific duties, but no specific privigele or power.

I want to suggest Frédéric Clementi as the Accounting OCA representative.

He was involved deeply in the accounting dialog with Odoo SA even if not every of his comments was taken into account. He has a deep knowledge of the accounting in general. He work on Odoo since more than 5 years now and has leanred to deal with Odoo since version 5.

Who is in favor of accepting him as the OCA representative ?

Any other volunteers here ?

Thanks for your opinion,

Best regards,




Joël Grand-Guillaume
Division Manager

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