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OCA Dev & Deploy Tooling PSC

- 21/10/2015 06:16:44

I want to suggest and solicit the creation of OCA Dev & Deploy Tooling PSC.

I want to take responsibility in the PSC and ensure thereby a technical and well-informed discussion.

I further want promote convergence and best practices in the OCA on this topic, keeping an eye on the needs of newcomers.

If this finds approval, I would like to convocate an open design process on the creation / convergence of a comprehensive set of base docker images, that are suitable for production and Dev and compatible with existing (anybox) as well as embrace new tooling.

In a next step, I would like to focus on the Dev sugar, because this is where there is a real perceived lack of coolness ;) in the existent tooling.

In some future I would like to open up discussion about possible deployment techniques. However, I feel this is many steps ahead still & with anybox, we have a "running horse". ("Never change a running horse")

I would like to have anyone especially interested in this topic and with sufficient technical knowledge in the field to express his interest in taking responsibility in the PSC.

I'm furthermore committed to aport to a better OCA culture. (I admit, I'm not happy with the current state.)

Best Regards