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Re: Docker for OCA/OCB

- 20/10/2015 20:11:06
Something got wring with my other postings, so I'll be short.

1. +1 For a Tooling PCS, I would like to take part of this in some way.

2. I'm in favor of coordinating work in an open design process, possibly start from scratch on a fresh PR to discuss technical details. This way, we would quickly converge and create a common understanding, rather than a rush for pushing one approach over the other. I'm in favor of Florent, steering such process, he is probably the first (together some others, including me) who started work on docker in march 2014.

3. Here are additional work to be crunched, taken, droped, discussed, defended, humiiated, whatever:
About general tooling:
A design document, to be commented on about general tooling:
Another smart and dynamic  run-script layout:
A environment definition in the form of dockerfiles based on travisfiles (less need for extra maintaining):

I'd like to gather agreement, especially for point 1. (PCS)  and 2. (Florent)

Best, David

El mar., 20 oct. 2015 a las 9:07, Florent Aide (<>) escribió:
OCA has servers were those files can be uploaded. This should be more than enough.

2015-10-20 15:23 GMT+02:00 Houzéfa Abbasbhay <>:
On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Eric Caudal <> wrote:

We split because originally in China we could make xcgd work properly as is due to the fact that pip install was timing out. Now we do not have the issue anymore because we build in and mirror to China.
Nevertheless the main reason to fork was  XCGD bin and Odoo are stored in their servers


Interesting remark...

The XCG docker file installs via wheels, that have been pre-packaged & put on <>. This has some advantages: pre-built C extensions, checks of SHA-256 hashes...

A wheel house is supposedly quite easy to build & serve, so the idea could be kept in derivatives where an access to the XCG wheel house is not available.

Worth discussing - I suppose this is acceptable as long as the Docker Hub builder can access the wheel house?
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