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- 20/10/2015 19:01:13
I agree. Very good reasons... And PCS are free to chose, so we might see organic evolution in the future... (or not, just like darwinism chooses the winning strategy)

If you are a PCS, maybe you might feel encouraged to try around a little bit.

And good news, for people like me, who loves the portability and ubiquiousness of Just Another Tab: solves this for IRC. That satisfies my needs.

El mar., 20 oct. 2015 a las 3:38, Lorenzo Battistini (<>) escribió:
On 20 October 2015 at 10:08, Paul Catinean <> wrote:
Hello all,

While there were some good points in all emails here are a few facts that stand:

1. It's not a distraction since you are not forced to check it any more than your email.Also people with active jobs and multiple responsibilities like Alexandre Fayolle for example can balance the two very well, and so can I

2. It's not obsolete as a protocol. Communication channel such as #python has 1674 users, #ubuntu 1748, #git 1159, and others such as wordpress and other platforms 500+.That is far from a old / deprecated / unused system

3. #oca can have up to 40 users in the chan and most of the simple / non-complex PR request for review got merged in less than 10-15 minutes other more complex one got attention just as fast and guidance on approach to the fix and brain-storming is a breeze 

4. As of tracking though granted it is not easy to search but it is publicly logged ( and it was used just yesterday for the pyconfr code sprint.Also nobody said it should be a alternative for big topic discussions such as the mailing list.It is however a worthy suppliment

5. Last but not least it's a social environment where you actually get to come closer to people and meet them beyond the email and PR's that shun away off-topic behavior. Though biased I owe to IRC my entering in the Odoo community, one of the best friends I have abroad and a lot of trusting relationships have emerged because of the social nature of this communication channel

While many things can be improved and it has a minimalist design, not more is needed for the basic day to day communication. Who would want to stay in a room with video-conference / audio notifications all day? It's a rare occasion you do that and you can always use IRC to share a Hangout link or Skype ID :)

Thanks Paul for the summary, I share every point

Lorenzo Battistini
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