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New module to create project and tasks with associated hours from Sale Order

Le Filament, Rémi Cazenave
- 05/12/2018 18:58:14

Dear all,

we have been working lately on a module that creates projects and tasks based on sale order lines for Odoo v10.

Basically, you configure a number of products that would be transformed in tasks (with content of sale order line), and it calculates the amount of hours to assign to the project and each task based on the quoted amount.

I guess this could be interesting for the community, so we were thinking about where to push it in OCA repos ?

I know there is already a sale_order_project module in project repo which covers only the creation of project from sale order (but not tasks and not allocating time).

I guess that both could live in parallel since ours depends on sale_timesheet which may not be needed in some use case where you would only need to create project from sale order without caring about tasks and allocated time.

You can find the module here for now :

What do you think ?

Thank you,

Best Regards,