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crowd control barricades for sale

by "BOSS METAL AND PLASTIC CO.LTD" <> - 24/02/2022 03:11:02

crowd control barricades for sale

Morning Sorry for disturb you guys Hope you are keeping well and safe always. we send you this email is let you know even currently Covid-19 pandemic



Sorry for disturb you guys Hope you are keeping well and safe always. we send you this email is let you know even currently Covid-19 pandemic we still work with difference project for difference of customers from USA ,CANADA and Australia New Zealand if you need any fence quotes or crowd control solutions please feel free to email us at


Crowd Control Barriers was Exported to

▪ American
▪ Europea (Belgium ,Britain ,Italy ,Swden and United Kingdom etc)
▪ Australia
▪ New Zealand
▪ Middle East
Europea (Belgium ,Britain ,Italy ,Swden and United Kingdom etc)
New Zealand
Middle East


These are typical heavy crowd control barriers made of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
Pipe: 1.5 "diameter 16 steel
Height: 43 inches high
Weight: 58 lbs
Structure: hot dip galvanizing | full saddle weld | column insertion and welding
Interlocking: Male / female hook system | top male hook is angled to realize real interlocking
Base: solid flat steel with rubber sealing ring


Europe crowd control barriers 1000 mm (3.20')/2000 mm (6.56')/2500 mm (8.20')
Europe crowd control barriers height 1090 mm (3.58') 1090 mm (3.58') 1100 mm (3.61')
Europe crowd control barriers Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38 x 1.5 mm Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38 x 1.5 mm Ø 32 Ø 35 Ø 38 x 1.5 mm
Europe crowd control barriers bars 6 for 1000mm 14 for 2000mm 18 for 2500mm crowd control barriers


Powder coated crowd control barriers are increasingly used to create the construction sites that health and safety inspectors dream of, and are fully in line with current guidelines. You can choose any color, our red and white crowd control barriers are most popular on construction sites, our black guardrails are mainly used for activities and nightclubs, and our green crowd control barricade are used in parks and other green areas.. We can also provide you or your customers with accurate color matching to finish with high gloss and high caliber coating. These barriers can match any ral color code.
Standard powder coating is red or white
Custom made in blue, black, green, orange and yellow
Custom colors can be applied as required
High grade galvanized metal pipe structure
The crowd control barriers can be easily connected together by built-in hooks
Easy to move, one person in place
One piece frame structure
Fixed heavy foot / leg for stability
Legs offset for stacking.


Hot dip galvanizing crowd control barrier is a process in which iron or steel is immersed in a molten zinc bath to form a corrosion-resistant multi-layer coating of zinc iron alloy and zinc metal... This reaction is a diffusion process, so the coating forms perpendicular to all surfaces and forms a uniform thickness ET

New Zealand Crowd Control Barriers

One of the cheapest crowd control barriers on the market. Panel and its pre galvanized frame (AV. 14 micron) 25mm x 1.2mm pipe, weighing only 10kg, with legs. Their feet are flat, which makes the obstacle more stable and safer than the claw foot obstacle. They combine a specially designed locking system that is easy to use, fast and very secure.Not a system, we recommend long-term commercial use of low current, they are only suitable for light load.

new zealand crowd control barriers

Dura spec crowd control barrier is the most durable crowd control barrier we use in our own rental fleet. Hot dip galvanized to 2.0 mm AV x.0 mm frame after fabrication. 84 μ m, the filler rod is heavy duty 20 mm x 1.2 mm, which increases the overall strength of the barrier.We recommend that anyone want a barrier that suits any environment and is ideal for reuse for many years.

IMG 1202

Belgium Classical Crowd Control Barrier

Size: 1090mm 1150 or 1500mm x 2500mm length

Frame Pipe: OD 35 x 1.00mm thick
Vertical Pipe: OD 16 x 1.00mm thick
Spacing: 125mm
Feet Type: Welded Permently

Description of Mobile NZ/AU Used Construction Site Temporary Galvanized Steel Fence

Temporary fence is also known as temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, easy fence and removable fence.Australia temporary fence consists of these parts: the fence panel, the pipes, feet and clamps/clips.
Temporary fencing systems can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

Features and Benefits of Mobile NZ/AU Used Construction Site Temporary Galvanized Steel Fence :
* Features a square top, which can allow for the attachment of Barbed Wire Brackets.
* Value for money - Standard Temporary Fencing Panels are high quality but cost-effective.
* Although these panels are for a temporary purpose, they are still extremely resilient and durable.
* They can be easily transported and stored.
* It is not difficult to set up and take down these fencing panels.
* They are reusable.
* Customisation options of branding or sign tagging so that fencing panels can be personalised are available.

Australia Crowd Control Barriers

✔-Customized solutions – each business is different. Therefore, we focus on providing customized solutions to help customers simplify the operation process, improve security and bring cost-effective results.

✔ 12 month warranty - any crowd control barrier you purchase is covered by a 12 month warranty.

✔ A wide range of products – we provide storage systems, material handling equipment and security products for businesses and workplaces. We stock more than 100 products and offer more than 200 individual stock items.

✔ Best quality in the industry – for more than 14 years, we have been providing excellent products and services to our growing customers in Australia.

Feature :

Modular and portable-
Simple interlock system - no tools required
2000 mm width crowd control barriers
It can carry up to 30 fences at a time

6x10 panel mg

temporary chain link fence

Temporary chain link fence is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis when needed for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence. It is also known as construction hoarding when used at construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at large events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. Temporary fencing is also often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites. It offers the benefits of affordability and flexibility.

IMG 20200717 140136


Made with quality materials and leading construction techniques, our fencing is engineered to deliver the best value for your solution at a great price. Also known as portable fence, security fence, or construction fence; Our temporary fencing is quick to set up and easy to move and is ideal for restricting access or containing a site and is commonly seen at construction sites, public events, as a dog run, or anywhere crowd control is important.
Our standard panels are available in 6'H x 9.5'L or 6'H x 10'L panels with either powder coated or hot dipped galvanized finished,but we can customize quickly for any size, color or finish to perfectly suit your needs at the best available price.

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