OCA Days 2020 Online

15/10/2020 08:00 to 16/10/2020 18:00 (Europe/Brussels)


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Ticket Type: OCA Days 2020 Online
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OCA Days 2020 Online
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OCA Days 2020 Online

Training and Learning Event


Thursday 15th and  Friday 16th of October, 2020


The OCA Days 2020 will be held online.
The aim of doing it this way is to help support the community as we all deal with the global pandemic and the uncertain times ahead, everyone has the opportunity to join in.

This year’s sprint will again be the standard two days but across many time zones. BIG focus will be put on helping to get people active in contributing and continuing to do so, keeping the usual 3 tracks, coding, training and discussions.


Being online only we hope we will be able to reach more of our contributors and offer more support to our “newbies” in particular, a real sense of training and learning.

We want to use this as a time to welcome everyone, the newbies who know nothing and are keen to learn, the programmer who has made one PR, the experienced people who don’t contribute already, the seasoned member who has been around for a long time with knowledge to impart.

We want to support the community and get the most out of this opportunity globally.


The conference will circumvent around video conferences for Training and Talks, that will be pre-scheduled. The OCA will provide a specific platform for this purpose.

At the same time the OCA will introduce a modern Chat platform, using separate channels for the various topics of the sprint.

Call for Speakers

We would love to hear from you if you have ideas, case studies, implementations, can train on OCA modules or how to contribute to the OCA. Do you have an idea for a panel discussion? Please fill in this survey to submit your ideas.

What do you want to know more about?

Do you have questions about how the OCA works, what the OCA is about, how to get your code reviewed etc?  We want to get an idea of which areas our community needs support in. Let us know what you see as the priorities here.


From 15/10/2020 08:00
To 16/10/2020 18:00


Odoo Community Association (OCA)

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